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XY Family Tree 7.5

Fully featured family tree maker to record your ancestry
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XY Family Tree is a fully featured family tree maker to record your ancestry. It allows unlimited numbers of spouses, children, and associations. It takes a biological view of family structure and parentage while still allowing freedom to make changes if you need to show other arrangements. It has some unique features not found in other family tree programs.

You might find your family history using online ancestry resources but you can keep your research private by using XY Family Tree on your PC.

XY Family Tree can display all the types of media that your PC can handle. Photographs, videos, sound clips, and links to web resources make it easy to show your family tree genealogy and bring your family history to life.

Original genealogy sources are never found on a PC but a copy may be held on a PC and an index of the original sources can be recorded in XY Family Tree. Serious researchers will always need to verify an original source and can then use the same index and citations. XY Family Tree uses the knowledge of sources to illustrate your family.

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